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At 121 Care At Home, we can help you arrange to pay for your care.


Arranging To Pay For Your Care Can Be Stressful

That's why we are here to help! It’s all about choice and control over your social care needs. Self-Directed support is a major change in the way people with social care needs are supported. It aims to improve the impact that care and support have on people’s lives by helping them choose and control what type of social care services they get, when and where they get them and who provides them.

The process

How to access SDS from social work services

  • telephone

    Initial contact

    You have to make the first contact with your Social Work Office - 121 Care At Home can help you with this in South Lanarkshire. If you are in hospital then a hospital social worker will visit you before discharge to assess your needs when you get home

  • solve

    Assessment & indicative SDS budget

    A Social Worker will visit you and make an assessment of your needs and whether these needs are eligible for support. The assessment will focus on things individuals can do well and those where they may need some help. Points will be allocated at each part of the assessment, depending on the need, and the total points are what assist in producing an indicative budget.

  • test-passed

    Formation of the support plan

    Social Workers have the responsibility of agreeing on an individual’s support plan that will enable people to achieve the agreed desirable outcomes. Some of the essential criteria that should be discussed in your support plan are listed below:

    • What is important to you
    • What are your specific desirable outcomes
    • How will you be supported
    • How will you use your individual budget
    • How will your support be managed
    • How will you stay in control
    • What is the action plan
  • handshake

    Agreement of the support plan

    Once everything is agreed upon, you should receive a copy of your care plan. This will identify how your agreed outcomes will be met and how your individual budget should be used. This may include a stated number of hours of care and support. You will be informed of the four options of how you receive the support and spend the budget.

    (See Options Below)

  • puzzle

    Review the support plan

    Social Work should agree with you on how often they will review the support plan. You or the social worker can request a review at any time if circumstances change and your support needs have altered.

    (See Options Below)

The support plan

There are a few different ways you can pay for care:


Direct payments

You receive a direct payment from the local council based on the agreed budget and you manage your own support plan. 121 Care at Home can deliver your support plan via this direct payment method.


Individual Service Fund

You chose who will deliver your support plan and the local council pay them directly and the care provider manages the service on your behalf. 121 Care at Home can deliver and manage your support plan, get paid directly by the council and you don’t have to do a thing.


Social Work Deliver Your Support Plan

Social Work arranges and manages your support plan and care needs, with their own local council employee’s or through a 3rd party approved provider.


A Combination Of The Previous Options

A mix of the first 3 options may be used if you feel this is best for you.

You can also pay for your care via self-funding

You pay for your care yourself directly to 121 Care at Home Ltd.
Click the download button for a booklet that gives you all the information you need about the Individual Service Fund.

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